SAT 高分作文 竞争与合作—— 已修改

SAT 高分作文 竞争与合作—— 已修改

As Platon Lebedev once said,” A capable sailor will not come from a quiet and smooth sea; a great man of the times will not be created in peaceful and comfortable surroundings.” Therefore, competition is the only way to great achievement; cooperation may avoid conflicts that often exist in rivalry, but it can never give rise to spark of inspiration as the former does. This can be proved by Ganguin and two people in his life.

One is Ganguin’s former colleague in Bertin——Emile Schuffenecker, with whom Ganguin had an ephemeral and unpleasant collaboration which seem like perfect at first. This generous friend, who provided his own studio to assist Ganguin to sell his paintings, extremely appreciated the genius’ talent in art and tried to learn from him. A born merchant rather than a born artist, Schuffenecker shifted his life-long road from painting to selling paints and himself from a professional to an amateur; therefore, although Schuffenecker was also one of those who led Ganguin to the world of art, Ganguin could not bear his dual identities, not to mention to get any substantial benefit from him. Ultimately, Ganguin quit their partnership. The reason why this coopertion that seem wonderful at first collapsed in the end, bringing nothing beneficial to both of them, is that working together as partners does provide convenience but never inspiration; the gap between them was so great that these two cannot collide to sparks.

On the contrary, when Ganguin first met the most important competitor in his life——Van Gogh in Paris in the autumn of 1887, he felt like standing in front of the mirror, seeing his own reflection that chased the dream of art crazily. They tried to learn from the other and admired the other's work. Those nine weeks they spent together was full of competition and friction but also inspiration. The men’s recognitions of art differed sharply: Gauguin preferred working from memory and allowing abstract mental processes to shape his images, while Vincent held a rooted reverence for the physical reality of models and nature in the eyes of the observers. This was reflected in poles-apart techniques each artist used and gradually became the main point in dispute. However, it was nothing but this competitive difference that contributed to Ganguin’s master

piece——Yellow House in Arles, being extremely unique in his works. Although their competition was brought to a tragic end by a serious of violent incidents, the influences they cast on each other cannot be diluted at any rate.


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