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工业传感器》产品连接器》电源线》分线器》传感器接插件 Connection cable V1-G-OR3M-POC-V1-G


Resistant to welding bead formation ?

Suitable for robotic applications / torsion resistant ?

Does not give off silicone ?

Ozone resistant ?

Knurled nut suitable for tool assembly ?

Immunity to vibration, with mechanical latching ?

Gold-plated and machined contacts ? Degree of protection IP67 / IP68 / IP69K

参数表节选:的技术参数 V1-G-OR3M-POC-V1-G 产品阐述

Connection cable, M12 to M12, 4-pin, TPE cable, welding-bead resistant General specifications

Number of pins 4

Connection 1 socket

Construction type 1 straight

Threading 1 M12

Connection 2 Male connector

Construction type 2 straight

Threading 2 M12

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