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Clear navigation

Clear navigation system is an important goal of the website building, it has a major impact to website information architecture and user experience. SEO is increasingly becoming one of the factors that need to be considered in the navigation design.

Standing in the user's perspective, the website navigation system needs to solve two problems.

(1) where I am now? Users may be from any page into the site, sometimes enter from the home page, affter clicked on many connections, the users have forgotten how to come to the current page. Navigation system should tell the user clearly which part of the site overall structure the user in.

The unity of the home design style、the use of the breadcrumb navigation、where classification the main navigation system in, all can help the users to judge where they are now.

(2) where to go next? Sometimes the user knows what they want, the page navigation can tell the user where to click can achieve his goals. Sometimes users do not know what to do, site navigation should give the users one best advice, guiding the user flow to Web site targeted to complet pages.

Reasonable navigation and category names、link in the text、button guiding users to put the product into the shopping cart、recommend related products, site map, station search box,all can help the user clicks on to the next step.

Standing on the SEO , Web site navigation system should note the following:

1, text navigation


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