Sample Outline of the text 文章的大纲

关于 what's a dictionary for


Title: But What’s a Dictionary For?

Main idea: The W3 is good in that it’s a comprehensive and accurate

description of current usage.


I. The causes of the problem under discussion is introduced, putting

forward the topic for discussion.(Para. 1-3)

A. summarize the worst attacks and criticisms in the popular press

that greeted the appearance of the Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. (Para. 1)

B. State the claim of the dictionary maker---the G. &.C. Merriam

company.(Para. 2)

C. Present a series of questions concerning the uses of a dictionary.

(Para. 3)

II. The author interposes two statements on dictionary making: to

eliminate unrelated information and focus on wards, to be comprehensive and description of current usage of wards.(Para. 4-12)

A. A dictionary is concerned with words.(Para. 4)

B. There’s been dramatic progress in the making of


1. A new science related to the making of dictionaries, the science

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