Oil By G.C. Thornley


By G.C. Thornley

There are three main groups of oils: animal, vegetab le, and mineral. Great quantities of animal oil come f rom whales, those enormous creatures of the sea which are the largest remaining animals in the world. To pro tect the whale from the cold of the Arctic seas, natur

e has provided it with a thick covering o

f fat called

blubber. When the whale is killed, the blubber is stri pped off and boiled down, either on board ship or on s hore. It produces a great quantity of oil which can be made into food for human consumption. A few other cre atures yield oil, but none so much as the whale.The l ivers of the cod and the halibut, two kinds of fish, y ield nourishing oil.Both cod liver oil and halibut li ver oil are given to sick children and other invalids who need certain vitamins. These oils may be bought at any chemist’s.

Vegetable oil has been known from antiquity. No hous ehold can get on without it, for it is used in cooking.

Perfumes may be made from the oils of certain flowers.

Soaps are made from vegetable and animal oils.

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