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Technical Description

The cost effective CAN interfaces of the “L” series of the Janz Automationssysteme AG comes with a low price and with enough performance for the most of all known applica-tions. The “L” series comes with interfaces for different sys-tem architectures.

Almost every CAN/CANopen interface of the Janz Automa-tionssysteme AG is optionally available with one or two CAN ports. In all cases Philips’ SJA1000 CAN controller is being used.

The wide support for all different types of operating systems and a similar API to different system architectures enables the customers to use different interfaces in different system architectures with almost same software developments. Contact the Janz’ offices for more information!

Technical Specifications Bus Interface

Technical Specifications CAN/CANopen

non-intelligent and low cost CAN controller

one CAN 2.0b interface with SJA1000 CAN controller 11 bit ID and 29 bit ID CAN specifications supported ISO/DIS 11898 standard opto-isolated

isolation barrier 500V (optionally) 9-pin D-SUB connector

on-board line termination 120 ; enabled by software four diagnostic LEDs at front panel

Atmel ATmega 64/128 RISC microcontroller 4 kB SRAM, (MCU internal) + 60 kB (external) 64 kB Flash (ATmega64), 128 kB (ATmega128) 16 MHz clock frequency USB controller FTDI FT245BM

power requirements +5V (±5%), max. 250mA operating temperature range 0 … +70°C

non-operating temperature range –20°C … +80°C humidity 0 … 80%, non-condensing dimensions (h x w x d) 20 x 53 x 55mm weight approx. 50 g

Ordering Information




CAN-USB with one SJA1000 CAN Controller


ICANOS Daemon Run Time License for Low Cost CAN inter-faces

Software Development Kit

Contact Janz offices for more information about SDK etc.!

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Janz Automationssysteme AG Im Doerener Feld 8 33100 Paderborn Germany

Phone +49.(0)5251.1550.0 Fax +49.(0)5251.1550.190 E-Mail Web

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