speech heels

1 Do you have high-heeled shoes?

2 Do you know the reason why the females loves high heels ?

Today , I will make a speech on high heels. High heels have different styles ,for example, pointed toe, round toe, peep toe, high heeled sandals, super high heeled shoes, and so on. Are you interested in super high heeled shoes? This kind of shoes have extremely high heels , so they look a little exaggerate and strange , but many super star love to wear them , such as lady gaga.

High heels is the necessary sexy weapon for women . And it’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of high heels. High-heeled shoes is a sign of a woman. Almost every women must wear high- heeled shoes. Wearing high heels make a woman’s legs look slimmer and longer, and make her look taller, so that they changed for the better temperament. As people said “ Every woman need a pair of High heel, because it can take you to your lover’s side”.

However, we must pay the price for beauty. There are many disadvantages of wearing high heels. For instance,

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