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Abaqus Analysis User's Manual

29.1.1 Springs

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Spring elements:

can couple a force with a relative displacement; in Abaqus/Standard can couple a moment with a relative rotation; can be linear or nonlinear; if linear, can be dependent on frequency in direct-solution steady-state dynamic analysis; can be dependent on temperature and field variables; and can be used to assign a structural damping factor to form the imaginary part of spring stiffness.

The terms “force” and “displacement” are used throughout the description of spring elements. When the spring is associated with displacement degrees of freedom, these variables are the force and relative displacement in the spring. If the springs are associated with rotational degrees of freedom, they are torsional springs; these variables will then be the moment transmitted by the spring and the relative rotation across the spring.

Viscoelastic spring behavior can be modeled in Abaqus/Standard by combining frequency-dependent springs and frequency-dependent dashpots.

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