Unit 1 How can we become good learners第二课时导学案

How can we become good learners?

第二课时Section A(3a-4c)






1.fall in love with

2. as well

3. it’s a piece of cake

4. look up

5. take notes


1.I also realized I could get the meaning by listening for just the key words.

2. I discovered that listening to something you are interested in is the secret to language learning.

3. How can I improve my pronunciation? One way is by listening to tapes.







1.What does the writer think of the movie Toy Story?

2. Why does the writer want to learn new words and more grammar?


Step 1 Revision and Leading-in

Free talk and then practice reading the dialogues.

Step 2 SB Page 3完成教材上3a-3b的任务

1.3a.(1)Ask the students to read the passage by themselves,then answer the three questions;

(2)Explain the key words and difficult points in the passage. Ask the students to underline the sentences with “do sth. by doing"sentence pattern.

(3)Play the tape. Then the students read the passage after the teacher.

2. 3b. Complete the sentences with what Wei Fen learned from watching movies. Use words and phrases from the passage.


Step 3 SB Page 4完成教材上Grammar Focus-4c的任务

1. Grammar Focus:归纳Section A的语法:运用by+doing sth.来表达做某事的方法手段。 How do you learn English? I learn by studying with a group.

2. 4a.把问题和答案连线,以此复习Grammar Focus中的知识。

3. 4b. Make sentences using the structure“do sth. by doing" with the subjects in the box and

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