Book review of Pride and Prejudice 傲慢与偏见读后感

Book review of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a story of love and marriages. There are many young people in this story, such as Darcy and Elizabeth, Jane and Bingley, Lydia and Wickham, Charlotte and Collins. They respectively represent the different love views. Jane Austen was compared one by one and spoke her love and the attitude of marriages. Darcy is a character I liked very much. The marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth is a successful marriage. It’s also the author’s point of view. One of these characteristics is that the feeling cannot be brought on by appearances, and must gradually develop between the two people as they get to know the other. In the beginning, Elizabeth misunderstands Darcy due to his arrogance behavior and the smear from Wickham. So when Darcy told Elizabeth he love her, Elizabeth turn him down. Later, the series of events which they both experienced give them the opportunity to understand each other and the time to reconcile their feelings for each other. In the end, they broke through all obstacles, and finally together. Because their experiences is the foundation of their relationship, and their decision don’t decision at the moment. Their marriage can last. And I appreciate it that the Darcy’s kindness and magnanimous. When Wickham damaged his younger sister’s honor and want to take away his property, he didn’t preach everywhere. Instead, he actively contributed to Lydia and Wickham’s marriage. When Elizabeth turns him down, he doesn’t give up. He put down the dignity and continues to pursue Elizabeth. His feels, the gentlemen poise, and consistently for love moved me deeply. When I read this, also can’t help but feel sad. At same time, I feel happy for Elizabeth, what a perfect lover!

After I read this story, Jane and Bingley’s story left a big impression on me. Mr. Bingley is a friendly and rich young man. Jane is Mrs. Bennett’s first daughter who was simple, pure and never speaks evil of others. They are almost a match made in heaven. The fact proved that it is true. Mr. Bingley fall in love with Jane at first sight and so do Jane. But Jane doesn’t show it. She is so shy. Mr. Bingley thinks she doesn’t love him as he loved her. So he leaves her. Thought they have a happy ending, in the end. It’s so lucky. If they missed because of this, what a pity is this. In real life, we always see this case that people miss their lover because of various reasons. So I want to say love should be spoken out. Don’t take it to heart. Maybe the answer is terrible, we will not have regret. Every time when I think of Audrey Hepburn and Parker’s story, I feel so sad. They get to know each other just like a gentleman meet an angle. But with the fate of the tease, they just missed again and again. So don’t tube other, follow our hearts don’t regret it. If you love him, just speak out loudly.

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