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ABAP system fields - ABAP Development - SCN Wiki
#System fields for SCREENS.#System Fields.#System Fields for Date and Time.#System Fields in ListsSystem fields for SCREENS.System fields are set at the PAI (Process After Input) event for every screen.These can be also used for interactive list processing, except for SY-DATAR, SY-LOOPC, and SY-STEPL.SY-CUCOLHorizontal cursor position Counting starts at column 2SY-CUROWVertical cursor position Counting starts at row 1SY-DATARSet to X at time of PAI if at least one screen input field was changed by the user or other data transfer, otherwise empty.SY-LOOPCNumber of rows currently displayed in a screen table (table control).SY-SCOLSNumber of columns in current screen.SY-SROWSNumber of rows in current screen.SY-STEPLIndex of current row in a screen table (table control). Is set at every loop pass. Outside a loop, for example during the POV(Process On Value Request) event for a table row, SY-STEPL is not set appropriately.SY-TITLEText that appears in the title bar of the screen. For selection screens and lists this is the program name, otherwise SAP R/3. Can be set during PBO (Process Before Output) using SET TITLEBAR.SY-UCOMMFunction code that triggered the event PAI. Every user action that triggers PAI is assigned a unique function code, with one exception: Choosing Enter triggers PAI and different function codes can be transferred to SY-UCOMM: If there is an entry in the command field of the standard toolbar, this is transferred to SY-UCOMM as the function code. If there is no entry in the command field and a function code is assigned to the ENTER key, this function code is transferred to SY-UCOMM. If the command field does not contain an entry and no function code is assigned to the ENTER key, it is empty and the content of SY-UCOMM is not affected.Selection ScreensSY-SLSETVariant used to fill the selection screen.System Fields.SY-SUBRC       : RETURN VALUE AFTER ABAP STATEMENTSSY-INDEX        : LOOPS,CURRENT LOOP PASSSY-TABIX        : INTERNAL TABLE,CURRENT LINE INDEXSY-TFILL         : INTERNAL TABLE,CURRENT NO. OF LINESSY-LILLI          : LIST PROCESSING,CURRENT LIST LINESY-LSIND        : LIST PROCESSING , DETAILS LIST INDEXSY-DBCNT       : DB OPERATIONS,NO. OF TABLE LINES PROCESSEDSY-CPROG      : ABAP PROGRAM,CALLER IN EXTERNAL PROCEDURESSY-DATUM     : DISPLAYS CURRENT DATESY-DYNNR      : ABAP PROGRAM,NO. OF CURRENT SCREENSY-TLENG       : LINE LENGTHSY-STEPL       : LOOP INFORMATION IN TABLE CONTROLSY-LOOPC      : LOOP INFORMATION IN TABLE CONTROLSY-FDPOS      : CONTAINS OFF SETS FOR THE FOUND STRINGSY-DBSYS      : Database system SY-DYNGR : Screen group of current screen SY-DYNNR :  Number of current screen SY-MSGID : Message ID SY-MSGNO : Message number

0;SY-MSGTY : Message type (E,I.W,...) SY-MSGV1 : Message variable SY-MSGV2 : Message variable SY-MSGV3 : Message variable SY

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