to keep the printed books

To Keep the Printed Books

What would the world be like without even one printed book? Imagine how a shelf with no books on it looks like. What about a study without a shelf and some books? What about an empty library? If the people all around the world prefer to use electronic products such as computers and Ipads to scan through the E-books, what would you feel? Is it the great progress that our society is making? Or it is just a step of reverse?

Although the development of E-books is growing faster, it is not supposed to replace the printed books. The oldest English-language encyclopedias in the world, which has a history of more than 240 years, announced it would no longer continue to publish its printed editions and would instead focus on its online version. This has aroused an intense debate on the future of printed books. Whether the amount of the printed books should be reduced remains as a big issue.

Nowadays, E-books are becoming more and more popular, especially among the young people. However, the popularity of E-books brought some harmfulness. Less reading on printed books cause less joys in reading. Make a cup of tea. Spend the whole afternoon reading a printed book which is full of the refreshing smell of the printing ink. And when your finger touch the paper of the book, it seems that your thoughts are colliding with the writer`s thoughts. But I do not think that reading E-books enables you to have that kind of interest.

Now of such interest I mean to say noting. Only the readers themselves can understand that. There are too many temptations in the electronic products. When you try to read an E-book, sometimes it is difficult for you to focus on the context. Your attention is dispersive to some degree. However, if you read a printed book in the library or a reading room, you may be easily affected by other earnest learners. It is useful for you to pay attention to your own stuff ---- reading the book in your hand.

There are numerous resources in your electronic products so that it is difficult for you to choose the book that is worthy of reading. If you spend too much time on researching for the information, you will get confused sooner or later. Maybe you will consider it as an inconvenient way to buy books in book stores, or strolling in the library to get a book. In fact, it is quite a good way for you to clear your mind in this sophisticate world.

A philosopher named Cicero once said, “A room without any books is like a body without a soul”. One might say that E-books are books as well. Nonetheless they can not bring the real happiness as the printed books do.

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