1、The world of fashion began with individual couturiers and evolved, as a result of the Industrial Revolution ,into a mass-market industry.

时装业最初起源于个体高级时装设计师,后来由于工业革命,发展成现在的大规模经营的产业。 2、During the early 19th century ,the opulent designs that dominated the wardrobes of the rich began to disappear; less elaborate dress became the order of the day.

到了19世纪早期,曾经操纵富人衣柜的豪华设计逐渐消失;而相对简单的女装开始大行其道。 3、During this time, the Western world witnessed the growth of the middle class, which prospered from new avenues and industry, and spend money on such luxuries as fine clothing.


4、Because of the competitive advantage these inventions gave to manufacturers, England was very protective of its discoveries, and forbade the emigration of textile workers and the exportation of its textile machines. 由于这些发明使得英国的生产商具有巨大的竞争优势,因此英国政府积极保护这些发明,禁止纺织工人移民他国和纺织机械的出口。

5、With this invention ,women began to sew professional-looking clothes at home ,and factories experienced the birth of ready-to-wear apparel.

缝纫机的发明使得妇女在家就可以缝制出向专业人员制作的服装,现代成衣业也由此诞生了。 6、Although globally renowned designers are still crowding the runway with outrageous styles at prices that only a few can afford, new designers are showing fashions that reflect what is taking place on the streets, in the political arenas, in the entertainment field, and in movements to protect the environment


7、Although we are taught that we should not judge others by their appearance alone, relying on appearance to guide personal decisions and social interactions is not only natural, but inescapable.


8、Most people would like to improve their appearance with appropriate clothing, by camouflaging their less desirable attributes and highlighting the more attractive aspects of their bodies.


9、One school of though is that“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,that individual attraction is a result of personal experience, cultural background and specific circumstances.


10、Ancient Greeks believed that the world is beautiful because there is a certain measure, proportion, order and harmony between its elements.


11、There is also a greater difference in the depth ratios from front to back in the female figure than there is in the male with respect to bust/waist and waist/hip relationships.


12、The appearance of the clothed body is a perception of the viewer(whether of the wearers themselves or others)in a social and climatic context.


13、Information on color trends for the coming season usually comes form fiber companies and professional color services like Pat Tunskey 。

有关下一季的色彩流行趋势的信息,通常来自于纤维公司和像Pat Tunskey这样的专业色彩服务公司。 14、The refabrications and versions of good bodies from the last season may provide the basic styles or staples of the new line.

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