Starter 导学案(09)


课题:Unit5 Welcome to the unit - speaking

学习目标:1、学习一些表示学校设施的词汇:school,classroom,football field,library…

2、能够初步应用Is this…? Is there…? How many…?等句型来询问某地有某物。

学习重难点: There be 句型的肯定和否定形式及它们的回答。



二.情景交际。(从I栏中选出能与I栏句子正确匹配的答语。) II I ( )1. How are you?

A. No, she is my cousin . B. Yes, there is. C. There are some books.

( )2. What s in your school bag? ( )3. Is there a pen on the table? ( )4.Is Sally your sister?

D. I m fine, thank you.

E. Nice to meet you, too.

F. She is my sister.

( )5. Your English is very good. ( )6. Is that your classroom? ( )7.Who s she?

G. Thank you.

H. No, it isn t.

( )8.Nice to meet you.


1、游泳池_______________2、足球场____________3、多少_______________ 4、建筑物_______________5、办公室____________6、洗手间_____________



Step1. Revision

Show Ss a picture of Tony. Ask the Ss to guess what s there in Tony s classroom to revise “ there be” structure. Step2. Presentation

1) Show Ss a picture of their school. Ask: What s it? Help to answer: It s …

Ask individual Ss: Is this your school?

2) Show Ss some pictures to present football field, ,computer room. swimming pool

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