新目标初中英语单词汇总(七-九年级 全册)


七 年 级 上 册

名词 actor address afternoon age answer apple April art August aunt backpack bag ball banana band baseball basketball bat bed biology birth birthday black blank blue book bookcase boy breakfast broccoli brother bus card carrot case chair chess chicken Chinese city class clerk clock clothes club collection color comedy computer contest conversation cousin cream dad date daughter day December description desk dessert dictionary dinner documentary dog dollar drawer dresser drum egg e-mail English eraser evening example family father favorite February festival floor food Friday friend fruit furniture game girl grandfather grandmother grandparent green guitar hamburger hat help history hobby homework hotel hour ice jacket January job July June key kid kind letter life list lot lunch map March math May mom Monday month morning mother movie music musician name name’s=name is night notebook November number October opera orange pants parent partner party pear pen pencil people phone photo piano picture ping-pong plant plural price question quilt racket red ring rock room ruler runner salad sale Saturday school science September shirt shoe shorts show shower singular sister skirt soccer sock sofa son speech sport star store strawberry student subject Sunday survey sweater table tape teacher teeth tooth telephone tennis thanks thing thriller Thursday time today tomato trip trumpet T-shirt Tuesday uncle vegetable violin volleyball watch Wednesday weekend white wish word work year yellow zero 动词 afford am are aren’t=are not ask be bring brush buy call can can’t=can not come dance do does doesn’t=does not don’t=do not draw eat excuse find go has have help is isn’t=is not join know learn let let’s=let us like listen look love may meet need paint play please run see sell show sing sound speak spell start swim take tell thank think want watch work write 代词 all any anybody each every he her his he’s=he is I I’m=I am it it’s=it is me more my one other our she some someone that them these they this those us we what who you your yourself 副词 also around best here home how next no not o’clock often OK only please really soon then today too usually very well when where why yes 形容词 best big black blue boring busy Chinese dear difficult exciting favorite fine found fun funny good great green happy healthy interesting last little long lost many new nice OK old plural red relaxing sad scary short small some sorry strict successful singular that these this those tired video welcome what white yellow 数词 eight eighteen eighteenth eighth eleven eleventh fifteen fifteenth fifth first five four fourteen fourteenth fourth nine nineteen nineteenth ninth one second seven seventeen seventeenth seventh six sixteen sixteenth sixth ten tenth third thirteen thirteenth thirtieth thirty three twelfth twelve twentieth twenty two zero 连词 after and because but or so

贯词 a an the

介词 about after at before for from in of on to under with

语气词 hello hi oh well

缩略词 am (a.m.) BBC CCTV CD HB Miss Mr Mrs P.E. pm (p.m.) TV kg L M NBA P S UFO UN 地名 America China

词组 a little a set action movie alarm clock basketball game Beijing Opera computer game countable noun do homework excuse me family name first name French fries get to get up go home go to a movie go to bed go to school go to work good morning/afternoon/evening Happy birthday! have a look at Here you are. How are you? how much how old ice cream ID card kung fu last name lost and found lots of on sale pencil case pencil sharpener phone number play sports school day soccer ball take a shower telephone number tennis racket thanks for that’s=that is they’re=they are uncountable noun video tape volleyball game watch TV what time what’s=what is where’s=where is year(s) old Zig Zag 七 年 级 下 册

名词 accessory activity airport animal apartment article assistant avenue bank beach beard beef beginning belt

bingo bird bit bowl box bridge build cabbage camera camp captain cat center children classmate classroom corner country culture dining direction dislike district doctor dolphin drink dumpling elephant exam fact fashion fish form French front fun garden geography giraffe glasses grass group guide gym(gymnasium) hair hall hallway heat height hospital host house Hutung idea Japanese joke juice king koala language leaf left library like lion look madam magazine mail mall man map market meat menu money mountain Ms museum mutton neighborhood news newspaper noodle nurse office onion opinion order pal palace panda park pay phone penguin person place play police policeman policewoman pool pop porridge post potato reason report reporter restaurant rice right rule scarf scarfts(scarves) sex shop singer sir sitcom(=situation comedy) situation size skill snow soap song soup south special square station story street suggestion summer sunglasses supermarket talk taxi tea team test thief tiger tour toy uniform unit vacation verb waiter walk wall wallet water way weather week west winter world zoo 动词 agree arrive clean cook cry decide describe did didn’t discuss dislike enjoy feel fight get give had have hope improve lie live made make mind order pass pay practice put rain read relax remember said sat saw say shop sleep snow spend stand star stay stop study take talk teach turn visit wait walk was wash wasn’t wear went were would wrote

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