Unit 7 Have you ever been to museum?

I. 单项选择。

1.—How do you go to school every day,by bike or by bus?

—_______.I go to school on foot.

A.Both B.Either C.None D.Neither

2.______ of the students in our school have seen the film.

A.Third quarters B.Three quarter C.A three quarter D.Three quarters 3.Please be quiet.I have _______ to tell you.

A.important anything B.important something

C.something important D.anything important

4.He can hardly speak English,_______?

A.can he B.can’t he C.does he D.doesn’t he

5.They gave away ______ books to our school last year.

A.thousand of B.two thousands C.thousands of D.two thousand of 6.I’ve never seen _______ bird before. a beautiful B.such a beautiful beautiful D.such beautiful 7.You can come and play with me _____ you’re free.

A.whatever B.wherever C.however D.whenever

8.We didn’t have any problems ______ the bookstore.

A.finding B.find find D.found

9.I want to know ______.

A.where does he live old is he

C.what he is doing soon will he come back

10.Look! Can you see the children ______ in the park? playing B.playing play

11.—Have you ______ visited the old house by the river?


A.ever;ever B.ever;never C.never;ever D.never;never 12.—______ your sister ______ Hainan Island?