PETS Level 3 Sample Tasks

Section I: Listening ComprehensionThis section is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English. You will hear a selection of recorded materials and you must answer the questions that accompany them. There are two parts in this section, Part A and Part B.

Remember, while you are doing the test, you should answer the

questions in your test booklet, NOT on the ANSWER SHEET. At the end of the listening comprehension section, you will have 3 minutes to transfer your answers from your test booklet onto your ANSWER SHEET1.

If you have any questions, you may raise your hand NOW as you will not be allowed to speak once the test is started.Now look at Part A in your test booklet.

Part A:You will hear 10 short dialogues. For each dialogue, there is one question and four possible answers. Choose the correct answer A, B,

C or D, and mark it in your test booklet. You will have 15 seconds to answer the question and you will hear each dialogue ONLY ONCE.

Example:You will hear:W: Could you please tell me if the Beijing flight will be arriving on time?M: Yes, Madam. It should be arriving in about ten minutes.You will read:Who do you think the woman is talking to?[A] a bus conductor[B] a clerk at the airport[C] a taxi driver[D] a clerk at the station

From the dialogue, we know that only a clerk at the airport is most likely to know the arrival time of a flight, so you should choose answer

[B] and mark it in your test booklet. Sample Answer[A] [■] [C] [D]

1. M: That's a nice dress you're wearing.W: Thank you. My father gave it to me as a birthday present. He knows red's my favourite colour.

1. What are they talking about?[A] their best friend[B] their favorite color[C] the clothes the woman is wearing[D] a present the man has bought

2. W: Mike, there's not much left in the refrigerator.M: Well, I might be able to pick up a few things after work, but I have to be back rather late today.W: In that case, we'll make do with a meal out at McDonald's.M: OK. See you there at 8:00.

2. What do they decide to do?[A] The man will bring some food back for dinner.[B] They will go to their friend's home for supper.[C] The woman will fill the refrigerator before supper.[D] They will eat out for dinner.

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