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Geoids Tool - Application Note Ashtech makes available a collection of geoids for use in many countries around the world. This collection is hosted on the Ashtech website and is regularly updated. To download a geoid, use the link Geoids (models & tools) in the welcome menu of your application software CD. In absence of the CD, you can still list and download the available geoids using your web browser to connect to the following URL: After a new geoid has been downloaded to your computer, run the downloaded “install.exe” file to install the new geoid on your computer (for use in your office software), and your receiver (for use in your field software) if it is currently connected to the computer via ActiveSync and the docking station. Installing the geoid on the receiver will be only postponed if it’s not currently connected to the computer. Installation will be run automatically when later you connect the receiver to the computer via the docking station and ActiveSync. Through the above URL, you can also install the Extract Tool on your computer (see bottom of the menu on the left). Use this tool to limit the geographical extent of the selected geoid to your working area. This may be useful to reduce the space occupied by the geoid file on your receiver. The extr

acted geoid (also a *.geo file) should then be copied to My Device \Program Files\Geoids Data\ on the receiver. Ashtech 24/11/2010 Page 1 of 1

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