Jeff Niu雅思口语题库2010年1月31日完整版答案


A sample test

Part I

Jeff Niu雅思口语题库2010年1月31日完整版答案

Good morning. How are you? May I have a look at your ID card? I am Rachel, and you are …? Where do you from? Are you a student?

What is your major? How do you like it? Do a lot of students study this major? What is your favorite course?

What kinds of job do you have in mind? What do you think of wearing uniforms to work? Are bicycles popular in China? Do you often ride a bike to go to school? How do you like riding a bike? Are bikes a good choice for all ages?

What are the advantages / disadvantages of riding a bike? How often do you go to cinema?

Which one is better, watching a movie at home or watching a movie in a cinema? why? What kind of movies do you like / dislike? Part II

Now I am going to give you a topic. You will prepare for one minute and talk about it for two minutes. You can talk as much as possible, and I will let you know when to stop. Here is a pencil and a piece of paper. You can make some notes if you want.

Jeff Niu雅思口语题库2010年1月31日完整版答案

Jeff Niu雅思口语题库2010年1月31日完整版答案

Part III

Do the Chinese often give advice to each other?

Do the young people give advice to each other? What kind of advice do they give each other? Do you prefer to get advice from your family or your friends?

Do you think teachers should give students personal advice or just academic advice? Would you say people today are not as close as they were 20 years ago?

How do you get along with your neighbors? Do you have any advice for people to get along well with their neighbors?

Is there a generation gap in your family? How do you solve such a problem? Will you ask your parents’ advice if you want to date a girl / boy?

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