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Subject area 1 Dream and Nightmares

What are dreams?

Dreams are a form of mental activity that occurs during sleep. Dreaming activity can vary from very simple thoughts or images, to elaborated stories with vivid color images and intense physical activity.

form: 形式 mental: 心理的 occur: 发生;出现;存在 vary: 违反;改变

elaborate: 详细阐述 vivid: 生动的;鲜明的 intense physical activity: 强烈的身体运动


Our most vivid dreams occur during a kind of sleep called "REM." REM stands for "rapid eye movement," because our eyes move back and forth quickly. "Vivid" means bright and lively. Our brain is very active during REM sleep. During the night, we have REM sleep every 90 to 100 minutes. REM periods last as long as 45 minutes. We have more dreams during other phases of sleep, but they are not as vivid.

stand for: 代表;支持;象征 phase: 阶段;时期

period: 期间;周期;时期(补充:月经;课时;句号)


What is nightmare?

A nightmare is a dream occurring rapid eye movement (REM) sleep that brings out feelings of strong fear, terror, distress, or extreme anxiety. Nightmares are usually in the latter part of the night and wake up the sleeper, who is able to remember the content of the dream.

fear: 恐惧 terror: 恐怖 distress: 痛苦 extreme anxiety: 强烈的不安;焦虑

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