If children behave badly should their parents accept responsibilities家长应不应该孩子不好的行为负责


If children behave badly should their parents accept responsibilities?

Juvenile delinquency and the bad behavior appear to be the rise over these years, due to the detrimental effect from TV or Internet. Conventionally, the parents face the music as their children don’t amount to legal ages. Much more concern is given to such issue whether it is acceptable and reasonable to the majority. As to me, I hold firmly that parents can not but answer for the consequence caused by their kids. The generally (universally) acknowledged explanations can be shown as follows:

First things first, children have no ability to undertake and compensate for their wrong-doings. Much as they commit crimes or do harms to others spontaneously or without though consideration, they have no material property to pay for the victims. Meanwhile, the children are not mentally and physically mature and they are still in the process of receiving education especially the instruction from family. Some of children’s bad behavior deed results from parents’ ignorance of education. Therefore, they must be accountable for what their children and the victim if the parents avert to make up for results. Parents are the direct guardians of their kids in accordance with law, there must be no one but they have the responsibility to assist their children. This may help children to have the awareness of paying for a large amount of money or punishment after doing things illegal. Then try to educate (school) them from by using the concrete experience.

On the whole, the above forceful depictions make us come to a conclusion that the parents are supposed to accept responsibilities not only from legal system but also morality.

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