C CS结构的局域网广播系统设计与实现


摘要:目前各类学校相继建起了通过无线发射的方式传播信息的局域广播电台,但是这种广播电台发射功率很小,只能小范围传播与接收,本文基于这个出发点,简要介绍了C/S结构的局域网的网络结构、功能特点、设备配置及可靠性管理,并通过网络知识和软硬件配置架构一套C/S结构的局域网广播系统。 关键词:局域网广播; 网络结构; 设备配置

Abstract: The types of schools have been built through the radio to disseminate information the way local radio stations, but the radio transmitting power is very small, only small-scale transmission and reception, Based on this starting point, gave a briefing on C / S-LAN network architecture, features and reliability of equipment configuration management, and through the network of knowledge and structure of a set of hardware and software configurations C / S structure of the local area network broadcasting system.

Key words: LAN broadcasting, Network structure, Equipment configuration

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