Abrasion, allowance for 磨损,裕量

Accessibility,pressure vessels 压力容器可达性

Access openings 通道孔

Allowance for corrosion, erosion, or abrasion 腐蚀裕量侵蚀或/磨损裕量

Applied linings, tightness 应用衬里密封性 Approval of new materials, 新材料的批准 Articles in Section V 第V卷中的各章 Article 1, T-150 第1章T150 Article 2 第2章 Attachments 附件

lugs and fitting 支耳和配件

lugs for platforms, ladders, etc. 平台,梯子等的支耳

nonpressure parts 非受压件 nozzles 接管

pipe and nozzle necks to vessel walls 在器壁上的管子和接管颈

stiffening rings to shell 壳体上的刚性环 Backing strip 垫板

Bending stress, welded joints 弯曲应力,焊接接头

Bend test 弯曲试验 Blind flanges 盲板法兰

Bolted flange connections 螺栓法兰连接 bolt lands 螺栓载荷 bolt stress 螺栓应力 design of 关于设计

flange moments 法兰力矩 flange stresses 法兰应力 materials 材料 studs 双头螺栓 tightness of 紧密性

types of attachment 附件类型 Bolts 螺栓

Braced and stayed surfaces 支持和支撑面 Brazed connections for nozzles 接管的钎焊连接

Brazed joints, efficiency of 钎焊接头,焊缝系数

maximum service temperature 最高使用温度 strength of 强度

Brazing, cleaning of brazed surfaces 钎焊,钎焊的表面清理

fabrication by 用……制造 filler metal 填充金属 fluxes 钎焊剂

heads into shells 封头接入壳体

operating temperature 操作温度

Buttstraps, curvature 对接盖板,曲率 forming ends of 成型端

thickness and corrosion allowance 厚度和腐蚀裕量

welding ends of 焊接端

Carbon in material for welding 焊接用材料中的碳

Cast ductile iron vessels, design 可锻铸铁容器,设计

pressure-temperature limitations 压力-温度界限

service restrictions 使用限制 Castings 铸件 carbon steel 碳钢 defects 缺陷

impact test 冲击试验 inspection 检查

quality factor 质量系数 specifications 标准

Cast iron circular dished heads 铸铁碟形封头

Cast iron standard parts, small 铸铁标准部件,小件

Cast iron pipe fittings 铸铁管件 Cast iron vessels 铸铁容器 corners and fillets 圆角和倒角 head design 封头设计 hydrostatic test 水压试验

nozzles and fittings 接管和配件

pressure-temperatures limitations 压力-温度界限

Certificate of Authorization for Code Symbol Stamp 规范符号标志的认可证书 Certification of material 材料证明书

Certification of Nondestructive Personnel 无损检验人员证明书

Magnetic Particle Examination 磁粉检验 Liquid Penetrant Examination液体渗透检验 Radiographic Examination 射线超声检验 Ultrasonic Examination 超声检验

Chip marks on integrally forged vessels 整体锻造容器上的缺口标志

Circumferential joints alignment tolerance环向连接,组对公差 assembling装配 brazing钎焊

vessels subjected to external pressure 承受外压的容器

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