expensive dresses in the shop and handed it to an assistant who wrapped it up for her as quicly as possible. Then the woman simply too the parcel and walked out of the shop without paying. When she was arrested, the detective found out that the shop-assistant was her daughter. The girl' gave' her mother a free dress once a week ! lesson33 Out of the dar kness 冲 出 黑 暗 Nearl a week passed before the girl was able to explain what had happened to her. One afternoon she set out from the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm. Towards evening, the boat struc a roc and the girl jumped into the sea. Then she swam to the shore after spending the whole night in the water. During that time she covered a distance of eight miles. Early next morning, she saw a light ahead. She knew she was near the shore because the light was high up on the cliffs. On arriving at the shore, the girl struggled up the cliff towards the light she had seen. That was all she remembered. When she woke up a day later, she found herself in hospital. Lesso n34 Quic work 破 案 “神 速” Ted Robinson has been worried all the wee. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the local police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station. Ted wondered why he was wanted by the police, but he went to the station yesterday and now he is not worried any more. At the station, he was told by a smiling policeman that his bicycle had been found. Five days ago, the policeman told him, the bicy cle was picked up in a small village four hundred miles away. It is now being sent to his home by train. Ted was most surprised when he heard the news. He was amused too, because he never expected the bicycle to be found. It was stolen twenty years ago when Ted was a boy of fifteen ! Lesson35 Sto p thief捉 贼 ! Rov Trenton used to drive a taxi. A short while ago, however, he became a bus-driver and he was not regretted it. He is finding his new wor far more exciting. When he was driving along Catford Street recently, he saw two thieves rush out of a shop and run towards a waiting car. One of them was carrying a bag full of money. Roy acted quickly and drove the bus straight at the thieves. The one with the money got such a fright that he dropped the bag. As the thieves were trying to get away in their car, Roy drove his bus into the bac of it. While the battered car was moving away Roy stopped his bus and telephoned the police. The thieves' car was badly damaged and eas to recognize. Shortly afterwards, the police stopped the car and both men were arrested. Lesso n36 Across the Channel 横 渡 海峡 Erna Hart is going to swim across the English Channel tomorrow. She is going to set out from the French coast at five o'clock in the morning. Erna is only fourteen years old and she hopes lo set up a new world record. She is a strong swimmer and man people feel that she is sure to succeed. Erna's father will set out with her in a small boat. Mr Hart has trained his daughter for years. Tomorrow he will be watching her anxiously as she swims the long distance to England. Erna intends to tae short rests every two hours. She will have something to drin but she will not eat any solid food. Most of Erna's school friends will be waiting for her on the English coast. Among them will be Erna's mother, who swam the Channel herself when she was a girl. Lesso n37 The Oly mpic Games 奥 林 匹克运 动会 The Olympic Games will be held in our country in four years' time. As a great man people will be visiting the country , the government will be building new hotels, an immense stadium, and a fine new swimming pool. 'They will also be build ing new roads and a special railway-line. The Games will be held just outside the capital and the whole area will be called 'Olympic City'. Workers will have completed the new roads by the end of this year. By the end of next year, they will have finished wor on the new stadium. The fine modern buildings have been designed by Kurt Gunter. Everybody will be watching anxiously as the new buildings go up. We are all veryexcited and are looking forward to the Olympic Games because they have never been held before in this country. Lesson38 Everything except the weather 惟 独 没有 考虑 到天气 My old friend, Harrison, had lived in the Mediterranean for manyears before he returned to England. He had often dreamed of retiring in England and had planned to settle down in the country. He had no sooner returned than he boght a fine house and went to live there. Almost immediately he began to complain about the weather, for even though it was still summer, it rained continually and it was often bitterly cold. After so many years of sunshine, Harrison got a shoc. He acted as if he had never lived in England before. In the end, it was more than he could bear. He had hardly had time to settle down when he sold the house and left the country. The dream he had had for so man years ended there. Harrison had thought of everything except the weather. Lesso n39 Am I all right?我 是 否痊愈 ? While John Gilbert was in hospital, he asked his doctor to tell him whether his operation had been successful, but the doctor refused to do so. The following day, the patient asked for a bedside lephone. When he was alone, he telephoned the hospital exchange and asked for Doctor Millington. When the doctor answered the phone, Mr Gilbert said he was inquiring about a certain patient, a Mr John Gilbert. He askd if Mr Gilbert's operation had been successful and the doctor told him that it had been. He then asked when Mr Gilbert would be allowed to go home and the doctor told him that he would have to stay in hospital for another two wees. Then Dr Millington asked the caller if he was a relative of the patient.' No,' the patient answered,' I am Mr John Gilbert.' Lesso n40 Food and talk 进 餐 与 交谈 Last week at a dinner-party, the hostess asked me to sit next to Mrs Rumbold. Mrs Rumbold was a large, unsmiling lady in a tight black dress. She did not even look up when I to my seat beside her. Her eyes were fixed on her plate and in a short time, she was busy eating. I tried to make conversation. ' A new play is coming to" The Globe" soon,' I said. 'Will you be seeing it ?' ' No,' she answered. 'Will you be spending your holidays abroad this year ?' I asked. ' No,' she answered. ' Will you be staying in England?' I asked. ' No,' she answered. In despair, I asked her whether she was enjoying her dinner. ' Young man,' she answered,' if ou ate more and talked less, we would both enjoy our dinner !' lesson41 Do you call that a hat? 你 把 那个 叫帽子 吗? 'Do ou call that a hat ?' I said to my wife. 'You needn't be so rude about it,' my wife answered as she looked at herself in the mirror. I sat down on one of those modern chairs with holes in it and waited. We had been in the hat shop for half an hour and my wife was still in front of the mirror. ' We mustn't buy things we don't need,' I remarked suddenly. I regretted saying it almost at once. 'You needn't have said that,' my wife answered.' I need not remind you of that terrible tie you bought yesterday.' ' I find it beautiful,' I said. 'A man can never have too into the cave hoping to find buried treasure. The leader of the party was examining the soil near the entrance to the cave when the machine showed that there was gold under the ground. Very excited, the party dug a hole two feet deep. They finally found a small gold coin which was almost worthless. The party then searched the whole cave thoroughly but did not find anything except an empty tin trun. In spite of this, many people are confident that 'The Revealer' mayreveal something of value fairly soon. Lesso n56 Faster than sound! 比 声 音还快 ! Once a year a race is held for old cars. A lot of cars entered for this race last year and there was a great deal of excitement just before it began. One of the most handsome cars was a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels. Built in 1885, it was the oldest car tain g part. After a great many loud explosions, the race began. Many of the cars broke down on the course and some drivers spent more time under their cars than in them ! A few cars, however, completed the race. The winning car reached a speed of fortymiles an hour--much faster than any of its rivals. It sped downhill at the end of the race and its driver had a lot of trouble try ing to stop it. The race gave everyone a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no less exciting. Lesson57 Can I help you, ma da m? 你 要 买什么 ,夫人 ? A woman in blue jeans stood at the window of an expensive shop. Though she hesitated for a moment, she finally went in and asked to see a dress that was in the window. The assistant who served her did not lik e the way she was dressed. Glancing at her scornfully, he told her that the dress was sold. The woman walked out of the shop angrily and decided to punish the assistant next day. She returned to the shop the following morning dressed in a fur coat, with a handbag in one hand and a long umbrella in the other. After seeking out the rude assistant she asked for the same dress. Not realizing who she was, the assistant was eager to serve her this time with great difficulty, he climbed into the shop window to get the dress. As soon as she saw it, the woman said s many ties.' 'And a woman can't have too man hats,' she answered. Ten minutes later we walked out of the shop together. My wife was wearing a hat that loo ed like a lighthouse ! Lesso n42 Not very musical 并 非 很 懂音乐 As we had had a long walk through one of the markets of Old Delhi, we stopped at a square to have a rest. After a time, we noticed a snae-charmer with two large baskets at the other side of the square, so we went to have a look at him. As soon as he saw us, he piced up a long pipe which was covered with coins and opened one of the baskets. When he began to play a tune, we had our first glimpse of the snae. It rose out of the basket and began to follow the movements of the pipe. We were very much surprised when the snake charmer suddenly began to play jazz tunes and modern pop songs. The snae, however, continued to 'dance' slowly. It obviously could not tell the difference between Indian music and jazz! Lesso n43 Over the South Pole 飞 越 南极 In 1929, three years after his flight over the North Pole, the American explorer, R. E. Byrd, successfully flew over the South Pole for the first time. Though, at first, Byrd and his men were able to take a great many photographs of the mountains that lay below, they soon ran into serious trouble. At one point, it seemed certain that their plane would crash. It could only get over the mountains if it rose to 10,000 feet. Byrd at once ordered his men to throw out two heavy food sacks. The plane was then able to rise and it cleared the mountains by 400 feet. Byrd now new that he would be able to reach the South Pole which was 300 miles away, for there were no more mountains in sigh t. The aircraft was able to fly over the endless white plains withou t difficulty. Lesso n44 Throug h the forest 穿 过 森林 Mrs Anne Sterling did not thin of the risk she was taking when she ran through a forest after two men. They had rushed up to her while she was having a picnic at the edge of a forest with her children and tried to steal her handbag. In the struggle, the strap broe and, with the bag in their possession, both men started running through the trees. Mrs Sterling got so angry that she ran after them. She was soon out of breath, but she continued to run. When she caught up with them, she saw that they had sat down and were going through the contents of the bag, so she ran straight at them. The men got such a fright that they dropped the bag and ran away. 'The strap needs mending,' said Mrs Sterling later, 'but they did not steal anything.' Lesso n45 A clear conscience 问 心无 愧 The whole village soon learnt that a large sum of money had been lost. Sam Benton, the local butcher, had lost his wallet while taing his savings to the post-office. Sam was sure that the wallet must have been found by one of the villagers, but it was not returned to him. Three months passed, and then one morning, Sam found his wallet outside his front door. It had been wrapped up in newspaper and it contained half the money he had lost, together with a note which said: 'A thief, yes, 'but only 5o per cent a thief!' Two months later, some more money was sent to Sam with another note:' Only 25 per cent a thief now!' In time, all Sam's money was paid back in this way. The last note said:' I am 100 per cent honest now!' lesson46 Expensive and uncomforta ble 既 昂 贵又 受罪 When a plane from London arrived at Sydney airport, workers began to unload a number of wooden boxes which contained clothing. No one could account for the fact that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. It suddenly occurred to one of the worers to open up the box. He was astonished at what he found. A man was lying in the box on top of a pile of woollen goods. He was so surprised at being discovered that he did not even try to run away. After he was arrested, the man admitted hiding in the box before the plane left London. He had had a long and uncomfortable trip, for he had been confined to the wooden box for over ten hours. The man was ordered to pay &345 for the cost of the trip. The normal price of a ticket is &230 ! Lesso n47 A thirsty ghost 嗜 酒 的 鬼魂 A public house which was recently bought by Mr Ian Thompson is up for sale. Mr Thompson is going to sell it because it is haunted. He told me that he could not go to sleep one night because he heard a strange noise coming from the bar. The next morning, he found that the doors had been bloced by chairs and the furniture had been moved. Though Mr Thompson had turned the lights off before he went to bed, they were on in the morning. He also said that he had found five empty whisk bottles which the ghost must have drun the night before. When I suggested that some villagers must have come in for a free drink, Mr Thompson shook his head. The villagers have told him that they will not accept the inn even if he gives it away. Lesso n48 Did you want to tell me so mething? 你 想 对 我 说什么 吗? Dentists always ask questions when it is impossib le for you to answer. My dentist had just pulled out one of my teeth and had told me to rest for a while. I tried to say something, but my mouth was full of cotton-wool. He knew I collected birds' eggs and asked me whether my collection was growing. He then asked me how my brother was and whether I liked my new job in London. In answer to these questions I either nodded or made strange noises. Meanwhile, my tongue was busy searching out the hole where the tooth had been. I suddenly felt very worried, but could not say anything. When the dentist at last removed the cotton-wool from my mouth, I was able to tell him that he had pulled out the wrong tooth. Lesson49 The end of a dream 美 梦 告 终 Tired of sleeping on the floor, a young man in Teheran saved up for years to buy a real bed. For the first time in his life, he became the proud owner of a bed which had springs and a mattress. Because the weather was very hot, he carried the bed on to the roof of his house. He slept very well for the first two nights, but on the third nigh t, a storm blew up. A gust of wind swept the bed off the roof and sent it crashing into the courtyard below. The young man did not wae up until the bed had struc the ground. Although the bed was smashed to pieces, the man was miraculously unhurt. When he woe up, he was still on the mattress. Glancing at the bits of wood and metal that lay around him, the man sadly picked up the mattress and carried it into his house. After he had put it on the floor, he promptly went to sleep again. Lesso n50 Ta n for a ride 乘 车 兜风 I love travelling in the country , but I don't like losing my way. I went on an excursion recently, but my trip too me longer than I expected. ' I'm going to Woodford Green,' I said to the conductor as I got on the bus,' but I don't know where it is.' ' I'll tell you where to get off,' answered the conductor. I sat in the front of the bus to get a good view of the countryside. After some time, the bus stopped. Looking round, I realized with a shocthat I was the only passenger left on the bus. ' You'll have to get off here,' the conductor said. 'This is as far as we go.' ' Is this Woodford Green ?' I asked. 'Oh dear,' said the conductor suddenly.' I forgot to put you off.' 'It doesn't matter,' I said. 'I'll get off here.' 'We are going back now,' said the conductor. 'Well, in that case, I prefer to stay on the bus,' I answered. Lesson51 Reward for virtue 对 美 德 的奖赏 My friend, Herbert, has always been fat, but things got so bad recently that he decided to go on a diet. He began his diet a week ago. First of all, he wrote out a long list of all the foods which were forbidden. The list included most of the things Herbert loves: butter, potatoes, rice, beer, milk, chocolate, and sweets. Yesterday I paid him a visit. I rang the bell and was not surprised to see that Herbert was still as fat as ever. He led me into his room and hurriedly hid a large parcel under his desk. It was obviou s that he was veryembarrassed. When I asked him what he was doing, he smiled guilt ily and then put the parcel on the desk. He explained that his diet was so strict that he had to reward himself occasionally. Then he showed me the contents of the parcel. It contained five large bars of chocolate and three bags of sweets! Lesso n52 A pretty carpet 漂 亮的地 毯 We have just moved into a new house and I have been working hard all morning. I have been trying to get my new room in order. This has not been easy because I own over a thousand books. To mae matters worse, the room is rather small, so I have temporarily put my books on the floor. At the moment, they cover every inch of floor space and I actually have to walk on them to get in or out of the room. A short while ago, my sister helped me to carry one of my old boocases up the stairs. She went into my room and got a big surprise when she saw all those boos on the floor. 'This is the prettiest carpet I have ever seen,' she said. She gazed at it for some time then added, 'You don't need boocases at all. You can sit here in your spare time and read the carpet!' Lesson

53 Hot snae 触 电 的 蛇 At last firemen have put out a big forest fire

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