simplorer 9 new features

ansoft simplorer新特性

Simplorer 9.0

Simplorer® is a multi-domain simulation software program that enables

engineers to model, simulate, analyze and optimize complex systems including electromechanical, electromagnetic, power and other mechatronic designs. Using Simplorer’s powerful modeling features and communication backplane technology, engineers are able to construct virtual prototypes of all aspects of a system including the electronics, sensors/ actuators, motors, generators, power converters, controls and embedded software. This enables engineers to investigate system functionality and performance and to verify overall design. The result is a dramatic reduction in development time and cost, increased system reliability and performance optimization.

Industry Solutions

Facilitates System Design – Simplorer offers multiple modeling techniques

including circuits, block diagrams, state machines, equation level, and

modeling languages such as VHDL-AMS, SML (Simplorer Modeling Language), and C/C++. These can be used concurrently allowing engineers to easily

simplorer 9 new features

simplorer 9 new features

simplorer 9 new features

simplorer 9 new features

analogies often employed by single-domain simulation tools.

Simplorer 9.0 is now integrated with ANSYS Workbench

Physics-Based Modelingleading electromagnetic field simulation software: Maxwell®RMxprt , PExprt , HFSS , SIwave as well as ANSYS® Icepak®Dynamics and ANSYS®physics based models within Simplorer.

Integrated Development Environmentsimulate the software.

Statistical Analysis and Optimizationvariations and “trade-offs.”VHDL-AMS Statistical Package.

Distributed Analysisdistributed analysis options for fast turnaround of your largest designs.

VHDL-AMS Modeling

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